Sunday, February 9, 2014


Before continuing my story about Mr. Pervert and the Coven, I would like to dwell on the concept of spying and its implications for people who have been targeted by the DOE -- especially those who have spent time in the Rubber Room.

In my last post I fantasized about being an undercover agent for the authorities in order to monitor Mr. Pervert's actions over time and eventually catch him in the act.  I dismissed my fantasy as being unrealistic and even dishonorable.  Unfortunately for all of us, today there are government agencies that have the funding and the mandate to fulfill the fantasy that I rejected. It is my position that their spyware was used by the New York City Department of Education under Mayor Bloomberg against New York City teachers.

Under the Bloomberg Administration, principals were trained and pressured to get rid of teachers by charging them under section 3020a of the NYS Education Law.  This was part of a three-fold plan:  to save money, to weaken the teachers' union (UFT) and to privatize the educational system.

The principals were basically given a list of charges and told to go in search of defendants.

1. Pedagogical Incompetence
2. Physical or Mental Disability
3. Lack of Certification
4. Absence from Work
5. Insubordination
6. Corporal Punishment and Use of Excessive Physical Force
7. Improper Remarks, Physical Contact and Relationships with Students
8. Endangerment of Student Safety
9. Other Types of Chargeable Misconduct

I sensed that I was being spied on when I was in the Rubber Room, but I thought that they had planted spycams and microphones the old-fashioned way in light fixtures and behind the woodwork.  Little did I know that everyone's phone and computer was potentially an open mic or an open camera.  And consider this--these devices might have stayed on after we went home.

 If you need to be convinced that it is technologically possible that they were spying on us 24/7,  you might want to check out this article.  There has been a lot of talk about iphones being NSA friendly, but it's really every phone and every carrier.

You may have trouble believing that they were using their technology to spy on teachers--more than anything because it is such a ridiculous waste of money and resources.   However, consider that we were in New York, the city of 9/11, on constant terrorist alert, and with an astronomical Homeland Security budget.  You don't think that Bloomberg used his spy toys on his favorite project of targeting and eliminating teachers?  

That's why I think that my text referring to "the Pervert" was definitely picked up and stored away. Heck, there were eight or more people at every table, and everyone had a phone and a computer in front of them.  I always thought that it was a strange coincidence that a New York Post article came out with a story about the Pervert that was very similar to the one I had told in confidence to one of my Rubber Room colleagues.  Was my colleague a spy?  More likely the spy was on the other end of one or both of our phones.

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