Friday, March 11, 2011

Rally Saturday To Stand With Wisconsin

WEAR RED! and spread the word..........

Rally Saturday to Stand with Wisconsin!!!

by New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE)

Saturday 1 PM Union Square

Stand in solidarity with hundreds of thousands protesting in Madison, WI!

Wisconsin Republicans have rammed through the elimination of collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin's public sector workers through slick, undemocratic legislative maneuvering. They lacked the required quorum to pass the entire so-called "budget repair bill" so they split off the parts dealing with collective bargaining rights and illegally passed the bill through committee with almost no public notice.

But the fight in Wisconsin is FAR FROM OVER!! As soon as word of the Republicans maneuver leaked, Wisconsin's state capitol was besieged with protesters--with thousands forcing their way through windows and past police into the capitol building. The bill only passed when police forcibly and illegally dragged protesters out of the Assembly hearing room. Wisconsinites predict the biggest rally yet this Saturday and the bill itself sits on shaky legal ground and faces a likely challenge. Many rank-and-file unionists clamor for a general strikeand some union leaders, including Joe Conway, president of Madison Fire Fighters Local 311. The struggle in Wisconsin is ongoing and needs our support!

Meanwhile, budget cuts and anti-union legislation is spreading like a virus from Wisconsin to Michigan to Puerto Rico. But our side is fighting back. We in NYC have a duty to stand with the workers of Wisconsin and elsewhere as they continue their struggle!

What: Rally in support of Wisconsin workers
When: Saturday, March 12 1 p.m
Who: Workers, students, teachers, parents of New York
Where: South Side of Union Square

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