Monday, March 14, 2011

Kucinich In Wisconsin - Reclaim America from Corporations

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James L. Barker said...

The problem with laws or law makers that claim to want to help the people reclaim the government from the corporations, and other special interests, is that what these interests do is protected by "freedom of speech" in the constitution. No law by congress can change that and the Supreme Court, also currently leaning toward corporate control, would strike down any such law that congress did pass.

What is needed is an amendment to the constitution. THE RECAIM AMERICA AMENDMENT might go something like this:

Section 1. No elected public official, person running for or planning to run for public office, shall allow a person or entity, which cannot vote for them, to have undue influence over said official or person, nor over the election of said public official or perspective official.

Section 2. Elected public officials and perspective public officials shall accept contributions to their election campaigns only from individual persons that can vote for said elected public officials in their current campaign. Said individual contributions, per election cycle, to the campaigns of public elected officials shall be limited to the approximate weekly income of the average worker in United States of America. No campaign contributions may be accepted until candidacy has been declared. Public monies for campaigns must be distributed evenly amongst the existing declared candidates.

Section 3. Campaign advertisements in all media may only be produced, paid for, and presented by the elected official’s or prospective official’s designated sole campaign office. It is understood that this is a limitation of free speech but this is required to limit undue influence on elected public representatives by outside special interests that may or may not be constitutes.

Section 4. Gifts to elected public officials shall be limited to the amount allowed to other public servants, such as postal workers. No elected public officials or perspective public officials shall accept a gift from a person or entity unless said person or entity can vote for the official. Elected public officials and perspective public officials must keep a publicly accessible written record of all gifts received, showing what the gift was, who gave it and when it was received.

Section 5. The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.