Sunday, March 13, 2011

And The Award for Best Rally Goes To...

Well, Wisconsin, we tried. Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day for a rally.

NYCoRE, New York Collective of Radical Educators, wins the UNTAMED RALLY AWARD for:

Best Music
Best Turnout

Friday was also beautiful. The Freedom Party wins the UNTAMED RALLY AWARD for:

Most Timely (2:00 PM on 3/11 as requested by Madison students)
Loudest Chanting

Both Groups tied for Contagious Positive Energy and Diversity

Although NYCoRE had a better turnout, it also had an extra day to notify participants.  The Freedom Party had less than 12 hours.

Moriah Untamed


Anonymous said...

Your posts are fun to read! We appreciate you linking to our website, Our march in Washington, DC in July will hopefully win some of your awards, and hopefully, win back our public schools!

Thanks for your voice in all of this!

Kelli Reyes
@TeacherReality on Twitter

Moriah Untamed said...

Something to look forward to