Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Attention Reassigned Teachers: Scan Scam

I interrupt Jude's story with an urgent message.  As you know, rubber room detainees have been re-reassigned to administrative buildings all over the city.  The means of taking attendance is different at each site.  They gave the people in my building little white cards to be used with Cybershift clocks.  The employees sitting around me can sign in and check their attendance data everyday.  They can also print it out.  We reassigned teachers have been told that we can't see our information online, but that it is being registered "in the system".  Today the building supervisor called me in and told me that the DOE called him and said that according to their records I had not shown up for the whole school year--except for the first two days.  You know what that means, don't you?  It means instant dismissal.  That's one way to resolve the case back load.

For all those using the little white scan cards that bleep and say WELCOME  John Doe Swipe on or Swipe off, you should make sure that you have proof that you have been coming to work.

I would appreciate it if other rubber room detainees could give me feedback on how you are registering your attendance, and if you are able to get copies for your attendance records.

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