Sunday, October 24, 2010

Checking Teachers for Weapons

PMD2 metal detector 
This is the metal detector that reassigned teachers and only reassigned teachers are forced to walk through at least twice daily--once in the morning and once when returning from lunch.  Regular workers are allowed to bypass the scanner.

What is the scanner for?  I think the company's website is very clear on that.  Teachers are checked twice daily for weapons.  Metal detector is a euphemism.  This is a weapons detector.

  • Uniform Detection Field
  • Very High Discrimination
  • Highly Visible Double Display provides Single or Multiple Location of Weapons in Transit
  • Fast Programming through an Exclusive Chip Card System
  • High Immunity to External Interferences
  • Local or Remote Programming with Networking Capabilities

Chip card system: automatic calibration of security standards
PMD2, acronym for Programmable Metal Detector, is the most advanced CEIA application with an international patent of its own. It generates an electromagnetic scanning field for the detection of metallic weapons inside a monitored passage. Thanks to this technology, the PMD2 Metal Detector allows weapons to be accurately located on people in transit, considerably speeding up search operations.

A “height on person“ display actually indicates, by means of illuminated LED’s, the position of the weapon on the person. The location zones are not fixed, as in the case of Metal Detectors with multiple receiver-transmitter coils, but are variable and continuous so as to achieve optimum resolution.

Use of the PMD2 ensures an extremely high level of discrimination of metal personal effects.

PMD2 can be supplied, on request, with two emergency batteries that automatically come into operation in the event of a power failure.

PMD2 is available in panel (PMD2/PTZ) or column (PMD2/ENZ) version. Also an outdoor column version, PMD2/EWZ, is offered with an IP65 degree of protection.

A photocell transit counter is available as an option. This will allow for statistical data to be accumulated on the persons passing through the detector. The detector’s control unit is incorporated into the structure. Access to programming is protected both by a mechanical lock and by two alphanumeric passwords. The PMD2 is manufactured using the most advanced electronics technology, conforming to ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard procedures.

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