Thursday, October 21, 2010

Forced Visitor

This morning I faxed the following letter to Rona Freiser, UFT Queensborough Representative

Dear Rona,

I have been a teacher for 28 years and am currently reassigned to the Department of Education building on (address omitted).  I am not doing education related work as was specified in the agreement Mike Mulgrew signed with Klein.  Instead, I am doing the work of a file clerk. Although the type of work I am doing violates the agreement, I have not filed a formal grievance until now.

I would like to file a grievance at this time.

The reason I have decided to file a grievance is that today I was forced to sign in as a visitor in the building where I have been assigned as a regular worker.  I was forced to put my belongings through a scanner.  I was forced to walk through a scanner.  Every other reassigned teacvher has been forced to walk through a scanner.

None of the regular workers are forced to do this.  They show their building I.D. cards and walk in without signing in or walking through a scanner.  Several of the reassigned teachers haved asked for building I.D. cards, but have been told that reassigned tachers will not be given building I.D. cards.  Without a building I.D. card, we will be forced to allow ourselves to be scanned twice daily.

This disparate treatment is directed at Reassigned Teaches and only Reassigned Teachers in order to intimidate and denigrate teachers who have no history of violent behavior whatsoever.

I am also concerned about the health effects of being forced to walk through a scanner twice daily, and will be doing research on the matter.

I respectfully request that you contact the appropriate DOE officials in order to eliminate this latest indignity.

Fraternally yours,

Moriah Untamed

I faxed this letter to Rona at 10:40 AM.  At 11:00 AM there was a fire drill.  When the fire drill was finished all personnel had to go back in through the same door.  Those with building I.D's were directed to the left.  Those without building I.D.'s were directed to the right and forced to go through the scanner for the second time after presenting whatever I.D. they had.  The line to the right was much slower, so all the reassigned teachers were segregated and put on display for a prolonged period of time.  The only reason that I did not include the address of the building and the name of the director is because anyone can come into the lobby of that building and easily identify the reassigned teachers as the ones being scanned.  But the director deserves to see his name on this blog, and will some day.

In answering an annonymous comment on my last post, I reminded everyone that contacting PERB would definitely result in retaliation.

You know what?  I DON'T CARE.  I don't carry a knife or gun.  I carry pen and paper--and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  If this isn't resolved, PERB isn't the only place I'll go to file a complaint. 

Mayor Bloomberg.  Are trying to kill us?


veteran teacher said...

WOW that's almost unreal except in Bloomklein's world. Please keep posting on these violations (and filing grievances) because evil must not be allowed to hide in the shadows.It's really sick and disgusting. See if you can find out who actually issued the directive (is it the building director?) and maybe sneak a video ...because otherwise they'll lie and deny it. Hang in there Moriah as truth must eventually prevail.

Anonymous said...

You should look up the machine and it's serial number. You have a right to know it's specifications and when it was last serviced.

Angry Nog