Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't Talk to SCI

On Friday, SCI investigators showed up to interview one of the teachers. We don’t have a UFT Rep in the Rubber Room, but we do have what is called a liaison who does a good job of representing us both to the UFT and the DOE. When our liaison warned the teacher not to speak without an attorney, one of the investigators turned to the liaison, asked for his name, and threatened to charge him with interfering with an investigation.

There are very good reasons for not talking to these investigators. First, they only investigate criminal charges that could land you in jail, and they have the right to arrest you right on the spot. Second, they are almost certainly not carrying out a fair investigation. They are there to gather further evidence to corroborate charges, not to clear the teacher of the charges. Often there is no proof of the allegations, and the investigators are there to troll for any little smidgeon of evidence that could give them an excuse to charge the teacher. By remaining silent, the teacher doesn’t give them an opportunity to twist words, or manufacture evidence. Third, it is the teacher’s right to avoid coercive self-incrimination, but SCI investigators will not advise the teacher of his/her Miranda rights.

Our liason is also going through the 3020a process, and doesn’t need any more bogus charges to deal with. We’re lucky that someone is willing to do this thankless job for no pay.

I’ll be interested to see how the Union reacts to the thuggish behavior on the part of SCI.

Read more about it at NYC Rubber Room Reporter

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Chaz said...

I have been complaining about the SCI investigation techniques for years and now they threaten the first amendment rights of a person that is just doing his job. Disgusting!