Monday, June 1, 2009

40 minute recap continued

I wasn’t surprised to hear the names of MADELENE BENDERS and her mother, SOREA. On February 6, 2009 I was removed from the classroom and reassigned to the basement conference room after MADELENE accused me of calling her a slut. See UNpriviledged and I Swear to God.

On February 9, 2009, three days after I was removed from the classroom, I had a meeting with Principal P. Later I posted the transcript of this meeting under the title CONSTANTLY.

On February 12, I had another meeting in which Principal P. gave me a copy of the following letter written by SOREA BENDERS.

January 20, 2009

Principal P.,

I am SOREA BENDERS again. My daughter is constantly telling me that Ms. UNTAMED does not give her credit for the homework if the homework does not have a date.

Also Ms. UNTAMED is constantly screaming at my child to the point that one of the deans had step in to defend my daughter.

According to other students Ms. UNTAMED is constantly yelling at them. She always says that students are animals. Her remarks are uncalled for.

Again my number is 666-666-6666


None of this is true, of course. I give credit for homework whether it has a date or not. I only scream in case of extreme emergency. A Dean never came into my class to defend anyone. I don’t call my students animals unless we are discussing the classification of living things.

However, the HEARING OFFICER isn’t talking about that letter. He is referring to a completely different letter from SOREA BENDERS. I am hearing about it for the first time, three months after it was written. As I listen to the charges, I realize that the letter is about a phone call that I made six months ago, at the end of the first marking period. I barely remember it, and struggle to answer the questions.

Also the principal called into SCI to report the allegations in the letter on January 23, 2009 before the slut incident (February 6,2009). Did Madelene know about the letter?

I have heard that principals and DOE investigators like to surprise you with allegations, and also that they delay your hearing as long as possible so that you can remember as little as possible.

OK, enough recap—on with the hearing.

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