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OSI HEARING: Minute 130 to minute 140

UT 130 to 140

131:13 MINUTES

Hearing Officer: Now JORGE PANKIN. There was an incident in which you may have grabbed HOWARD’s hand in the classroom. JORGE did not see the incident because his sight was blocked by MS. UNTAMED. On the way to Ms. UNTAMED’s class, MS. XAVIER sent them to her office. JORGE saw you approach HOWARD. It appeared to JORGE that you had pulled a paper away from HOWARD. JORGE heard HOWARD say “You can’t do that” and that you had a paper in your hand that you retrieved from HOWARD. OK?

Me: Uh huh, but I didn’t pull his hand.

HO: After he wrote the statement, Ms. XAVIER, AP brought him, ALAN, and JAREL to Ms. UNTAMED’s class. She’s coming into the classroom, she leaves the classroom. After Ms. XAVIER left the classroom, you told them that she was going to call their houses, because they were late and same day you visited JORGE’s home.

Me: On the same day?

HO: I’m saying on the same day. 11/7 was the same day. You must have visited three kids homes that day? Ms. UNTAMED told JORGE’s parents that he could not have seen the incident between HOWARD and him because…Yes?

Me: Well I didn’t know…

HO: Because she was blocking his sight.

Me: Well I didn’t know anything about that on that day. I just knew that the kids were saying that they were going to get me fired, and I didn’t know what the exact inicident was about. They didn’t come and tell me what the incident was about.

HO: No, but you didn’t know there was an investigation, but you automatically, you knew there was a possibility that something was going to come down the pike, right?

Me: As soon as they said that, yeah.

HO: Did you tell JORGE’s parents that he could not have seen the incident regarding HOWARD?


Me: We did discuss what they said once I was at their house. That there might have been some kind of incident with the pulling of a hand.

HO: With HOWARD. And you discussed that with JORGE’s parents?

Me: Well, we were discussing whatever problems JORGE had. And he said that I might have pulled his hand, and I said how did you see that I might have pulled his hand you weren’t in the field of view. I was in between you and him.


HO How was that a problem that JORGE had. That seems like it was a problem that HOWARD had.

Me: Yeah

ADVOCATE: Why is it an issue then?

HO: Why is she talking about a witness statement that JORGE saw or wrote about an incident that happened with HOWARD.

Me: But I didn’t have access to any witness statements.

HO: I’m not saying that you had any access to witness statements. Why are you talking to JORGE’s parents about HOWARD.

Me: Well, for one thing, he started crying, and he was involved with all of this screaming and yelling so I just called his parents and went over there.

HO There’s screaming and yelling. There’s other issues with JORGE.

Me: And he’s got issues, because he was crying.

HO: Why would you discuss the incident with HOWARD with JORGE’s parents.

Me: …because he discussed it.

ADVOCATE: So that’s how it came up? JORGE brought it up at this discussion with the parents?

Me: Yeah. Because I don’t know what’s going on. The only thing I know is that they’re saying “Change has come, we’re going to get you fired”, and they had already been telling me that they were going to get me fired, that they were going to get me brought up on charges, so by that time I just wanted to make sure that the parents knew that this was going on. That’s all. That ..

ADVOCATE: That he was part of a group.

Me: Yeah. There’s a group thing going on. Because I hadn’t seen any witness statements, there’d been no letters yet. It was just a bunch of kids…


HO: So you told JORGE’s parents that this was made up with these kids that the

Me: I did tell them that I had been threatened.

HO No, no. That the HOWARD situation. JORGE said that you said how could JORGE see it if you were blocked.

Me: Yeah, but he brought it up.

HO: Ok so he brought it up and…

Me: He brought it up. I said, do you want to discuss why you were crying, cause he was crying, and this could also mushroom out of sight—“Oh why did you make poor JORGE cry”--So he was one of the kids whose parents I called up and said do you want to discuss why you were crying and so then he told how Ms. XAVIER had taken him in and questioned him about me pulling HOWARD’s hand, because HOWARD had said basically made the allegation and JORGE was one of the witnesses that HOWARD said would back him up, and so then I said to JORGE, well how could you have seen that if my back was to you, and I was in between you and HOWARD when I took his paper.

120:18 MINUTES

HO: … and what did he say?

Me: He just said, I don’t know, that’s what I thought happened, and I just let the parents know that this threat had already been made by certain students and they should talk to him and the parents said, you know we believe our child he’s a good boy, and I said that’s fine I just wanted you to know and I wanted to iron out whatever problems he had and just be aware of what is happening. But again, I didn’t know that there was an investigation, I just knew there was a threat at this point.

HO: JORGE did say that you asked ALAN and JAREL, what did they write about you.

Me: No, I just said, “Is there any problem that you have in school?”

HO: No in the classroom when you were in the back.

Me: Oh. Yeah “Is there a problem?”
So you want me to send the things that the kids wrote?


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