Saturday, May 30, 2009

40 Minute Recap

I’m going to stop the tape here and do some behind-the-scenes commentary.

First of all, why talk to this guy at all? He’s the investigator, let him build his case on faulty testimony that he doesn’t bother to verify. Then, at a 3020a hearing, take it all apart, one loose screw at a time and watch them all squirm.

I would then be playing a legal game in which I use the strategies of secrecy and delay. The problem is that Bloomberg has million-dollar lawyers and I will have a UFT lawyer at some point, months from now. Right now, all I have is a UFT ADVOCATE, who is NOT a lawyer. If I choose to hire an outside lawyer, I could ultimately pay almost 100,000 dollars to go through the entire process, including all appeals. And no one else will benefit from my experience while I’m going through it, because my lawyer would insist that I maintain confidentiality.

Where can I go to find a transcript of someone’s OSI Investigatory Hearing? What book can I buy? The DOE million dollar lawyer boys have transcript after transcript, and can learn from their mistakes. Most teachers who walk into a hearing have never been involved in a criminal investigation, and are clueless about interrogation techniques. They--We are like lambs going to the slaughter.

I was told that the UFT RULEis this: Talk to OSI investigators, but NEVER talk to an SCI investigator. SCI stands for Special Commissioner of Investigations and only investigates serious criminal charges. You REALLY need a lawyer if they start asking you questions.

So now I’m confused. I am at an OSI hearing, but the Hearing Officer, Hayden Sands, says 7 minutes and 21 seconds into the hearing that “on 1/23/09 Principal P. from IS 666Q called in to SCI, that’s Special Commissioner’s Office, the old Ed Stanzik’s office with allegations of misconduct against a teacher, MORIAH UNTAMED.” He said it so fast that I barely noticed this reference to SCI until I started typing out the transcript. Now is this an OSI investigation or a SCI investigation? And why did PRINCIPAL P. call it into SCI and not OSI? And WHY didn’t my ADVOCATE stop the hearing at this point and ask this very same question?

Sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day. I’m going to take a break and get some fresh air.



Chaz said...

SCI also investigates sexual misconduct and issues that violate State law. SCI is the master of the flawed investigation.

Anonymous said...

Here is some information from DOE's website:

The Office of Special Investigations investigates allegations of improper and unlawful behavior, including corporal punishment and verbal abuse against students, to help ensure a safe and secure learning environment for New York City’s students, staff members, and parents. All other allegations of misconduct should be reported to the Special Commissioner of Investigation at (212) 510-1500.

Reporting Corporal Punishment

Before submitting a complaint, please read Chancellor's Regulations A-420 and A-421, which describe the reporting requirements concerning the use of force upon a student for punishment purposes.

You can find links to Chancellor's Regulations A-420, A-421, and the Corporal Punishment Reporting Form on the right column of this Web page.