Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mic Check

About 200 people occupied the NYC DOE Panel for Education Policy meeting last Tuesday showing the amazing effectiveness of the mic check method used in general assemblies at Occupy Wall Street.

 I have gone to PEP meetings and have watched videos of PEP meetings and have never seen the crowd dominate to the extent that it did here.  The auditorium wasn't full.  According to the makers of the video there were only about 200 people there, but they literally blew away Walcott and his panel  as if they were dried autumn leaves.

If more people go to future PEP meetings and use the same methods, maybe the assembly can someday assert its own authority and start making its own decisions about educating New York City's children.

I wasn't there, but I recognized faces of people who have been attending PEP meetings since Klein was Chancellor.  (See Ed Notes Online and Grassroots Education Movement).

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