Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eleven More Days

I have never counted the days until the end of the school year until I could start counting them on my fingers.

Because of the ridiculous fact that we have to come back on Monday, the 28th, there are now eleven more school days until the end of the 2009-2010 school year; but what the heck, I'll start counting anyway. 

It's also eleven more days until the infamous NYC Rubber Rooms are closed forever--that is, if BloomKlein honor their word.  But that would mean that they would have to be honorable men, which they are not.

No one knows yet what will happen to the Rubber Room detainees;  not even, I suspect, BloomKlein.  Let's remember that the Rubber Room is not about real estate; it's about people whose professional reputation is under assault.

Nevertheless, I celebrate the closing of this chapter in BloomKlein's war on public education.  It's time to reflect on what they have done to us here, and what we have done to each other.


Anonymous said...

Just because the dogs in charge say that the rubber room is closing doesn't make it so.

Remember the last Rubber Room Agreement? None of it was kept by the city or the union.

The so-called agreement has no teeth because there is no mechanism to enforce it.

It was a p.r. move that would make the little mayor and the bald pimp look good.

There, of course, will be rubber rooms. Only, this time they will put teachers to work as clerical slaves in the 60 new CFN's that have just supplanted the ISC's.

The city fired most of the clerical staff and elevated some of their boot-licking familiars to high salaried positions that essentially have privatized the functions of the Superintendency.

So the CFN's will siphon an additional $65,000 off the trimmed budgets of the lousy schools.

Keep in mind that the school budgets are already straining under the salaries of the teachers.

So, yes the fanfare of the closing rubber rooms sure makes good press for the midget dictator and that mongoloid UFT Don.

Things will only get worse for those unfortunate teachers who have been skewered by a sadistic set of bastards.

The teachers will not be able to exchange information. They will be isolated and picked off one by one.

All this while being hunted by those heartless sadistic bastards.

Yet another year of absolute limbo where a person is incapable of planning anything for the future, because of the tremendous uncertainty they have to deal with.

It would be fair to say that the situation will go from bad to worse.


Angry Nog

Anonymous said...

Moriah -

As I've written before, I applaud your courage and your analysis of the DoE/UFT version of the Nazis, Spanish Inquisition, Pol Pot, Rwanda, etc.

As for "closing" of the rubber rooms:

1. I'm in the Queens branch of Guatanamo. A few weeks back, a trio of suited thugs walked their brazen selves in, all of full of themselves and stood and stared and assessed and mentally claimed . . .

Yesterday, Friday, after having had us take down wall decorations and bulletin board material, we were informed that the inner window ledges and other locations needed to be cleared because

THEY had informed the supervisor that THEY were having THEIR SPACE painted in preparation for THEIR imminent colonization of the space.

One of our UFT liasons declared that he wasn't going to sit in there come Monday if we were trapped in paint-fumed, make-you-seriously-sick air. I think that THEY would love for us to become further sickened as a result of their imperious, empire-building premature occupation preparation.

If I wasn't otherwise occupied this weekend with working on my own case, I might be tempted to go try a sit-in to prevent the colonization.

Of course, this won't wait for the summer because the superior species of the parasite class needs to assert its further dominance over the Abu Graib internees.

- Cayce

Anonymous said...

New teachers are coming into the rubber rooms at this late date.

Whatever they do with present rubber room people in September, if there is no rubber room, is going to be a horror by which all suffering pales in comparison.

Why would anyone want to be bossed, harassed, abused by a variety of inferior human beings while they were awating their days in their "trial of charges?"

Why would anyone want to "work" at all while they are waiting to be vilified, slandered, libeled, character-assassinated in their 3020-a?

Why would anyone want to "work" in a hostile environment knowing that in a matter of months, they will be publicly humiliated and either fired, suspended, or massively fined?

And this is just the beginning.

Moriah Untamed said...

Angry Nog,
It is impossible to predict the future with 100% clarity, but I would not expect anything good to be coming our way from the DOE. Therefore, I agree with your analysis of the situation.

I am also in the Queens branch, and I will not sit in a room full of paint fumes and have my brain further fried by DOE Volatile Organic Compounds.

Anon 3:40pm,

Your description of what might await us after we have been dispersed is the same scenario that I have projected. I have no illusions. However, we are in a ghetto/gulag/concentration camp, and that must end, for a variety of reasons which I will write about in the next few posts.