Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rubber Room Interview

Major Breaking Education News

History will be made by CBS Channel 2 Television News

When: Monday, Jan 25 11 PM

Where: Channel 2, CBS, NYC

Who: Legendary News Reporter

Pablo Guzman


Attorney Dr. Joy Hochstadt, Esq.

Representing and with:

David Pakter


Anna-Marie Thomas

Leevert Holmes

What: Lead Plaintiffs in major Federal Class Action Lawsuit

seeking to permanently close

New York City's infamous

"Rubber Rooms"

Why: Because the Public has the right to know that such abominations

should NOT exist

in a Free Democratic Society

This Monday 11 PM CBS Special News Report

will be followed by a full extended News Special

that will be posted on the CBS News Website on the Internet at the end of the week.

The so-called NYC Dept of Education "Rubber Rooms"

are places spread around New York City

where NYC Teachers are "disappeared",

sometimes for years, on trumped up charges.

While a small number of these Teachers should be removed,

Most teachers in the "Rubber Rooms" ended up there

Because the NYC Dept of Education decided they were allegedly "too old",

Or were earning "too high" salaries,

Or because they were Whistle-blowers who reported,

Widespread corruption and waste of Tax Payer money,

As well as the breaking of Federal Civil Rights Laws.

Watch the Monday night CBS Special News Report at 11 PM

Watch the Extended Pablo Guzman Interviews on

CBS News Internet Website later in week.

WCBS-TV News in New York City deserves much credit

for being the first TV News Program in America

To expose the Truth about New York's "Rubber Rooms"

This is Education News History

No one can afford to miss this News Special Report

Please post, circulate and tell your friends.

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