Friday, February 27, 2009

Surfing in the Basement

Today I surfed the internet all day. I took a lot of notes, which I won’t burden you with—yet. But I will list the sites I liked the most.

1. The Black Factor (
“The black factor blog is a useful resource for any one who is working while black. The blog provides strategies for dealing with on-the-job racism and links to important resources”

I am white, but I find the advice useful for anyone who is being targeted no matter what the reason—race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, age, sex, or size your paycheck.

If you are white, you might be turned off by the way whites are portrayed in this blog. However, if you have suffered workplace discrimination of any kind for any reason, much of what is said will ring true—and could be extremely useful to you.

2. “Why Lies Multiply in False Allegation Cases”

3. “What is Defamation of Character”

4. Fighting Slander

5. Students Bullying Teachers

6. “Being Bullied by a Teacher?”

Bullying in Middle School

I'll link these websites later.

Tomorrow I'm going to a meditation retreat. I've started my Untamed Wellness Program,
and meditation is a big part of it.

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