Thursday, February 26, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference

This afternoon the rest of the teachers were talking to parents. I was in the basement working on "summative assessments".

After school a group of us went to distribute leaflets at a nearby subway station. Clyde Baker, the chapter leader handed out little white hats with UFT stitched in blue on the front.

The leaflet read RALLY FOR NEW YORK in big letters. The names of the sponsoring unions were in tiny little letters at the bottom of the leaflet.


Chaz said...

It is too bad the union allowed the school to remove you from the classroom.

Anonymous said...

Superintendents can reassign teachers at any time. Even to positions outside of the school (think rubber room).
Reassignment is a method of short circuiting tenure protections.
Our unions should fight reassignments for that very reason.

LI Teacher

Moriah Untamed said...

The union seems to have about as much power as the tiny little print on that leaflet.