Wednesday, October 17, 2007


My homeroom is an 8th grade honors class. They all have high scores on the statewide reading and math tests (4's). They are also extremely well-behaved. They were all sitting in their seats engaging in polite conversation in low voices while I took attendance. Suddenly, Principal S.T.  appeared in the doorway and yelled at the kids because they weren't doing silent reading. Then, she went back to her office and got on the loud speaker and began a tirade about how Ms. Untamed's homeroom class was the WORST CLASS in the school when it came to silent reading. She had been walking around the school and she had seen a lot of classes where at least SOME students were doing silent reading as they should, but in Untamed's homeroom class there wasn't even ONE student doing silent reading. NOT ONE. And that was in UNTAMED'S class.

She repeated my name three or four more times emphasizing how my class of all the classes in the school was the absolute worst. She didn't mention the name of the class, 802. It was UNTAMED'S CLASS.

All day long teacher's came up to me and asked if I had been able to count exactly how many times she repeated my name over the loud speaker.

My union representative stopped by and told me to "write it down" because what she had done was harrassment without a doubt.

So write it down I have.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...


If the Principal did it once He/She will do it again. Also I think you can get him on verbal corporal punishment of your entire class.
Let the student's parents know of this incident or better yet let their children tell them how they were denigrated in front of the entire school community by the Principal.

What's the deal with the UFT Rep?
Does he or she have a backbone or is it a debone cowardly creature like mine?