Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 2, 2011 Rally

The UFT has called for all teachers to rally Thursday, Februrary 3, 2011 at Brooklyn Technical High School.

Your job is at stake.  Public Education is at stake.


Anonymous said...

On a more fun note, I was published by Wilson Language Training.

Of course, they liked what I wrote because I make their product look good. It was nice to know that the editors were all talking about my post in their office.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Moriah,

A rally, protests....a march...your post points to why SaveOurSchools has formed and we will be taking action. We have an upcoming Blog Campaign that we would "love" for you to participate in. It takes place this Monday, Valentines Day, and it is called: "I Love Public Education Blog Day"

Everyone who cares about young people cares about our schools. Our best schools nurture our children, make them feel safe, and able to take the risks they need to in order to learn. But our schools are in danger of becoming even more narrowly focused on test preparation, while class sizes rise, and teachers are blamed for the ravages poverty inflicts on their students.

We are responding. We love our schools. We declare Valentine’s Day, 2011, to be I Love Public Education Blog Day. On this day we will write our hearts out, about why it is that public education is so important to us, our children, and our democratic society. If you or your readers will join us and tell why you love public education too, send your comments and posts to

Writing will be displayed at the website, and will be tweeted with the hashtag #LovePublicEd. We offer the march and events of July 28 to 31st in Washington, DC, as a focal point for this movement, and we ask participants to link to this event, so we can build momentum for our efforts. If your readers wish to repeat this post on their own blog, we would love it!

Thank you!
@TeacherReality on Twitter