Monday, March 3, 2008

U-Rating Hearing: UFT Cross Examines Administrators

Advisor: Is it so that the observation referred to in document 3.0 to 3.5 was written on March 20th, 2007?

Principal P: It wasn’t written on March 20th. I was out on sick leave after the post observation conference. It was faxed in on March 20th, but it was not written on March 20th. I met with her on Jan 19.

Advisor: Is it so that on this observation repord of December 19th that there is no date appearing on document 3.0 to 3.5 indicating when the observation report itself was written?

Principal P: It was written right after post observation on 1/19.

Advisor: My question is: Referring to the observation of Dec. 19 in which there was a preobservation conference on Dec 19 and a post observation conference on January 29th, is there on this observation report an indication as to when the observation was actually written?

Principal P: No

Advisor: Thank you


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Make sure you get a copy of the tape. They are pretty good about sending it to you!

As I have said before I don't know of anyone who "wins" at these hearing but it is good that you are going through it as it is an education!

Moriah Untamed said...

Thanks. I didn't know I could request a copy.

I think that I am like most teachers who go through this for the first time. I am totally clueless. I hope that other teachers will benefit from a detailed account of one of these hearings.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a copy of the following five DOE personnel manuals?

1) Rating Pedagogical Staff Members

2) Teaching for the 21st Century

3) Principal Performance Review

4) The Appeal Process

5) Teachers' Guide to Serving in the NYC Public Schools

You should have had each of them prior to having participated in your U-rating hearing.

Anonymous said...

I just received an U rating for lesson observation. had no idea that a teacher is allowed to appeal a lesson u rating. I know that you can appeal an U rating for annual performance.

Moriah Untamed said...

Thanks for the references, Anonymous 7:01. No I don't have copies. Any suggestions on where to get them? Are they online?

Anonymous 9:01, the language get's confusing. A supervisor can U-rate your lessons and that can lead to the Principal giving you a U-rating at the end of the year.

I know teachers who have negotiated with the Principal to leave the school in exchange for an S-rating. Negotiation is a good idea--especially if you are not tenured.

Your principal has to give you a chance to improve. Ask for training, direction, modeling, etc.

Anonymous said...


To: Moriah

From: Anonymous 7:01 P.M. on 3/6/08

I previously downloaded copies of 1), 3), 4), and 5), and will be happy to E-mail them to you if you post an anonymous E-mail address.

Some of 2) is excerpted within 1). Either DOE's Division of Human Resources or the UFT should be able to provide a full copy of 2). Principals are also expected to have a copy.

I haven't checked these URL's recently, but they may still be active:

Also, see:

Moriah Untamed said...

Thank you 7:01. I don't know how to set up an annonymous e-mail address yet. I will try to access the websites that you posted. If successful, I will link these sites to Untamed Teacher. All teachers should have these manuals.

I will also request them from my UFT rep and my Administrators.

Anonymous said...


To: Moriah

From: 7:01

It's not difficult to set up an anonymous E-mail address. For example, to set one up on YAHOO! (which has unlimited storage), go to the following URL and make up whatever name and screen ID you want to:

If your desired anonymous E-mail address is already taken, simply choose something else.

Anonymous said...

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