Saturday, September 8, 2007

UNceasing Fire

I got this letter on Friday morning:

September 6,2007


The “No Show and Roster Correction” form for class 8A was not returned to the main office with the ATS sheet this morning as required. This memo was attached with a paper clip to your ATS sheet.

Accordiing to Chancellor’s Regulations, a clearance of register process has been established to investigate the status of all students on the school roster. The fact that a student who is on register has not appeared at the beginning of school is extremely serious and must be investigated as soon as possible. This form is an instrumental part of this process and therefore must be completed and returned to the office in a timely manner when requested.

Distribution of these forms will continue for several days as identification, outreach and processing of nonattending students continues during the opening weeks of the school year. During this time, it is essential that priority is given to the completion and return of these forms.


Assistant Principal Z

Approved by Principal S.T.

Translation: A student was placed in my homeroom, but didn’t appear on the roster. I personally went to the Paraprofessional who handles the attendance and told her about it. She asked for the student’s name, but I wasn’t sure of the spelling, so I contacted the student, got the name, and then sent down a note. The form that was attached with a paper clip probably got unattached, because I didn't get it. I sent down the note with a student--it probably got in the wrong box—or they pretended it didn’t get there. But since the note wasn’t on the correct form, they took the opportunity to send me this letter.

I informed Assistant Principal Z that I would be visiting Ms Attendance Paraprofessional every single day the first free period I have after homeroom.. After all, everything that comes from me is sent down with a thirteen- year- old child. (Not to dis the 13 year olds—they are usually extremely dependable).

Today I went to Ms. Attendance, and showed her the letter I had received from A.P. Z. I told her to put aside everything from 8A, because I would be checking with her personally everyday to make sure that everything got down to her Ok.

So of course you know, this means war.

Moriah Untamed


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Write them a memo! In my 20 years of teaching I have found that adminstration loves to write the staff "threatening" memos but they hate it when a staff member covers his of her ASSests by documenting how they have followed procedure above and beyond the call of duty!

You are right it is a war. You have to take the offensive.


Moriah Untamed said...

Time to start that offensive