Friday, August 31, 2007

Bite the Bullet. Spew the U.

Someone has asked me, “Well, did you finally get a U-rating or not?”

The answer is—Yes. Of course. That was the purpose of all the negative letters and observations. But how can I chronicle a U-rating without putting it into writing?

So let me make it official:

Teachers are rated as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory in the following areas. Here are the ratings the principal gave me at the end of the 2006-2007 year.

A. Personal and Professional Qualities

1. Attendance and Punctuality--S
2. Personal Appearance--S
3. Voice, speech and use of English--S
4. Professional attitude and professional growth--U
5. Resourcefulness and initiative--U

B. Pupil Guidance and Instruction

1. Effect on character and personality growth of pupils--S
2. Control of class--S
3. Maintenance of wholesome classroom atmosphere--S
4. Planning and preparation of work--U
5. Sill in adapting instruction to individual needs and capacities--U
6. Effective use of appropriate methods and techniques--U
7. Skill in making class lessons interesting to pupils--U
8. Extent of pupil participation in the class and school program--U
9. Evidence of pupil growth in knowledge, skills, appreciations and attitude--U
10. Attention to pupil health, safety and general welfare--S

C. Classroom or Shop Management

1. Attention to physical conditions--S
2. Housekeepting and appearance of room--S
3. Care of equipment by teacher and children--S
4. Attention to records and reports--S
5. Attention to routine matters--S

D. Participation in School and Community Activities

1. Maintenance of good relations with other teachers and supervisors--U
2. Effort to establish and maintain goo relationships with parents--S
3. Willingness to accept special assignments—S



Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I am going back to read your previous posts.

Thank you for writing this. This was also the story of my life.

By the way, they gave you a lot more S's on the evaluation. I was surprised to see so many. I also found some of the U's that were given to be quite skeptical since you are a experienced and veteran teacher.