Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nothing's Sure But Death And Taxes

This graph was posted on the facebook page of Americans Against The Tea Party. 

The questions on the side of the graph say:
How will we pay for the infrastructure repair and replacement?
If growth is connected to the rich getting tax breaks, how did the US economy grow in the 50's?
If low tax rates on the rich are so necessary for a solid economy, what happened in the period between "25-28"?
What kind of BS is being sold by the Republican paty and their masters, the corporations?

These are all very good quesitons, but they have engendered more questions than I had before.

What are the tax rates in 2011?
How much do you have to  make to be in the top tier?
What do the other tiers pay?
Do these tax rates include state and local taxes?
Exactly what loopholes enable the top tier to avoid paying taxes?
In what tier does the middle class fall and what is that tax rate?
What percentage do the taxes of the different tiers contribute to the Gross National Product?
What would the different tiers have to pay in order to erase the National Debt?

When different sides debate, they present evidence that supports their case only.  In science, you have to report all the evidence for and against a hypothesis. 

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