Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jude's Story Made Easy To Read

Jude's Story is all over the place on this blog, so I want to put it in sequential order so that I can now refer it to other people.

Occupy Wallstreet is accused of not having demands.  I can understand that.  How can you demand anything from people who have no intention of engaging in a dialogue, of listening to you, of keeping their word if they do make agreements.  I also have no demands.  What kind of demands can you make of people who would do to a person what was done to Jude?  Getting the story out is the most important thing.  Then the community can decide what to do about it.

I just ask that you please read the story and pass it on.

1.  Jude's Story, The American Dream

2.  Jude's Story, The Crime

3.  Jude's Story, Threats and Coverups

4.  Jude's Story,  Foundations

5.  Jude's Saga Continued

6.  Jude Successfully Defends Herself At Her Sanity Hearing (Part 1)

7.  Jude Successfully Defends Herself At Her Sanity Hearing (Part 2)

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