Sunday, November 20, 2011

Union Collusion

I became suspicious of Union collusion with the DOE back in May of 2006.  At that time I was the only teacher who stood up for K.N. when she was brought up on charges.  Here is the letter that I wrote to Chancellor's Investigator B.F. when I thought that he might actually be a Real Investigator instead of a Bogus Co-Conspirator.  Back then I made up false names for everyone:  I called K.N. Adila Hassan and I called B.F.  Haden Sands.  Now I'm referring to them by their real initials. 

There was so much that could have been done by the leadership as well as the membership.  If we had fought back then the way we should have, we would not have all the school closings that we have today.  We would not be losing public education in this country.  Although I have refrained from taking the Union to task (there are just so many battles one can fight at one time),  I feel that we need to forcefully denounce any cooperation or collusion between the Union (membership and leadership) and the 1% of this country represented in our case by Michael Bloomberg and his billionaire friends.

My evidence is anecdotal.  I'll be telling you a lot of stories.  The real evidence, of course, can be found among the innumerable records involving thousands of teachers during the Bloomberg Witch Hunts.  So much of it was carefully and meticulously written down--much like the records kept during the Holocaust.  Even if we didn't have the written records, however, we would have the memories of thousands of survivors.

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To me, the teachers who cooperate with administrators in destroying other teachers are the worst of all. Solidarity is the glue that holds a union together. Without it, all you have are people competing to live in the big house with the master. Never has another teacher's name left my lips when speaking to an administrator, no matter how i feel about that teacher. There used to be basic codes of ethics between teachers but the education deformers have done their best to destroy it.

Ms Untamed said...

I have reported two teachers in my 28 year career. One liked to violently kick doors open without bothering to look if there was anyone behind them, and the other had several allegations of sexual misconduct with teachers and students against him, and I had just found out about yet another incident. Physical danger and the safety of the people in my school are the only reasons why I would report another teacher. said...

I should have clarified that the code of ethics does not apply to teachers who are a danger to the community. Fortunately, I have not encountered such a situation. The scenarios I have seen revolve around teachers ratting on other teachers for small, petty things like not putting paper in the copy machine. It just seems that nowadays there are more teachers who have no problem bad-mouthing colleagues to administration in an attempt to win some narc points.